Our craftsmanship

Our taste for well-cut, beautiful clothing originates from the journey of our founder, who continues to inspire us every day. A meticulously respected technique, a perfectly educated eye, as well demanding and regular care are. These are the ingredients that allow us to achieve the “perfect fit.”To that end, we offer a variety of skills at your disposal :

Inspiring you:

We support your project every step of the way :

  1. We bring your stylists’ ideas to life based on sketches received, photos or any other forms of inspiration.
  2. We also make our library of timeless models available to our customers, which you can use and adapt to your own designs.

Bringing beautiful ideas to life: pattern-making and prototyping

For over 30 years, we have been creating models in our prototyping workshop. With its talented team, our workshop carries out all the necessary steps for the proper execution of the garment : pattern-making, assembling of the first prototype, fitting, measurements, and adjustments. We are committed to putting all of our years of experience to the service of quality products. Thus, we are proactive and help you design well-thought-out and comfortable garments.

    Making the right choices: fabric and accessory purchasing

    1. Our study office supports you in choosing your fabrics and accessories. We will present you with quality suppliers, local or European, and are constantly on the lookout for new ones. All the products from our suppliers are meticulously tested and validated by our office.

    Producing your collections: small or medium runs

    We are committed to creating high-end and high-quality pieces, from small to medium runs. Gradation of patterns, measurement charts, and placements using the LECTRA system are the tools at our disposal for proper production setup. At this stage, we conduct a quality control of textiles, shrinkage, and optimal resistance. Cutting is done manually or automatically, and we have ironing and final inspection units.

      Developing finishes: embellishment

      Our strong relationships with local partners allow us to offer you quality finishes. We manage the whole finishing process, and ensure the smooth running of operations. Our customers also benefit from a “accessories and finishes” trend watch that we conduct with our suppliers each season, to feed the creativity of your stylists. We carry out various embellishment techniques such as, embroidery, pleating, dyeing, printing, and more.

      The care we take in our creations all the way to the end of the supply chain: our own transportation partner provides modern and well-equipped trucks, specifically outfitted for hanger transportation. Their drivers are serious and responsible, and their working conditions are in compliance with European standards.

      Contact our workshop

      You share our values ​​and appreciate our know-how, we will be delighted to discuss.