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A full range of services for clothing industry. Support at each stage, from design, through implementation and industrialization, to transportation.

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Stylisation and inspiration We highlight the talents of your stylists and give life to their ideas.

We usually implement the ideas of your stylists, based on their sketches, photographs or other forms of inspiration. We also have our own designs which you may use or modify according to your own ideas.

Patterns and prototypes Fashion passes, craftsmanship remains.

Good craftsmanship and technology are the foundations of our company. The most important stage of preparation involves ten qualified specialists and takes place in our workroom. This is where design patterns and first prototypes are born and where fittings and any adjustments take place. We select the best finishing techniques and prepare technical documentation. By entrusting us with the completion of this stage, you can be sure of your customers’ satisfaction at your shops.

Selection and purchase of accessories and fabrics Always at your service!

We never give up looking for products that best fit your needs which enables us to suggest the best suppliers, both local and European, of high quality products and services, such as:

  • Lining with or without spandex, very high stock at your disposal. Your own colours starting at 500 meters. With digital printing techniques, your own prints can be made in small quantities and at reasonable prices.
  • Threads: we work exclusively with Gutermann threads, in all colours and thicknesses.
  • Zip-fasteners: our traditional partner is YKK but we also use Albert Zip more and more.
  • Interlining: Freudenberg and Camel
  • Buttons and cover buttons, poppers, hooks and eyes, elastics, bindings, custom printed and clear packaging bags, hangers, textile composition labels, company and size labels, bar codes...

This list is endless and can be tailored to the needs of individual customers. One thing is certain: each supplier is carefully screened.

Batch production Let us get to work!

We offer full production set up of any pre-made prototypes, pattern grading, size tables, markers using the LECTRA system, fabric and fabric shrinkage inspection, optimization of wear.

The total daily production capacity of all our units equals 1,000 items per day. Each unit is equipped in a manual or automatic cutting room, a systematically upgraded machine park, ironing stations and is able to perform a final inspection.

Packaging and distribution is flexible, depending on customers’ needs.

Adorning Let us be creative!

Over the years, we have established strong relationships with local partners specialized in:

  • Embroidery, including sequin embroidery - practically endless possibilities of stitches and techniques;
  • Individual transfers in any form: metal - fancy motifs - stones - pearls;
  • Sew-on and transfer badges;
  • Crochet embroidered items
  • Embroidered collars (detachable and directly on the fabric)
  • Pleating
  • Dyeing of finished garments
  • Washing - various techniques of washing out and softening
  • Laser
  • Printing (various techniques)
  • Combinations of several techniques (e.g. sequins + printing + transfer)

Each of the companies listed above has been screened and verified, which enables us to accept practically any form of adorning. For your comfort, we supervise the entire process and make sure that each procedure is performed in a faultless manner.

Provision of these services requires keeping an eye open for novelties for each season. Chantal keeps on top of the most interesting trends that your stylists may then tailor to your needs. This service is an integral part of our professional conduct and is free of charge. Our offer is broad enough to guarantee uniqueness and exclusivity to every customer.

Shipment We can reach you within 24 hours!

Your products travel in style. Our partner provides us with modern and well-equipped cars for transporting hanging clothes. Our drivers are reliable and trustworthy, and their working conditions are in accordance with European standards.

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